OWMR Single Awards

Welcome to the 2021 One World Music Radio singles awards, our 9th annual awards.


All categories are voted on by a secret panel of judges.


Below you will find the complete list of categories and nominees - winners will be announced Saturday May 28th and will then be shown here.

Best Acoustic Single

Chris Haugen - Water To Land

Ian Cameron Smith - Flow Motion

John Tinger - Aqua Luna

Joseph Sullinger - Mirage

Kirsten Agresta Copely - Sanctuary ft Marc Copely

Lissa-Käthe - Little Fall Of Rain [single]

Michael Kent Smith - The Longing

New Latitude - Softer than Silence

Ryan Judd - The Lost Summer

Shambhu - Heart Awakening

Best Chill Out Single

Alexander Obukhov - Stars in Paradise

Claudio Casanueva - Carnations

Craigology - Attractive

Rodrigo Rodriguez - One More Night

Russel Blake - Tropical (Funky) Island







Best Electronic Single

Ainge - Indifference (electronic mix)

Anaya - Immortal

Anna B May - Awareness

Catherine Duc - Remember When ft Jonas Isacsson

Claudio Casanueva - Horizons

Deep Imagination - Coming From The Cold

Hanslik & Moniz Experiment - Outside Man

Michael Whalen - Phonic

Sharon Chen & Echosonica - Apricity

Tsode - Crossing Stars II

Best Jazz Single

510Jazz - Jetstream

Andy Rogers - Friday at 5

The Besser Three - Three Monks Electric

Claudio Scolari Project - Cold Water

Dark Orchard - Ladies and Gentlemen

David Margam - Hooking Up ft. Jimmy Ostbygaard

Howl Quartet - Back to Basics

Katherine Petrou & Alexis Kasinos - A Timeless Place [single]

Lyia Meta - This Ones for You

MARHID - Sensibility


Best New Age Single

Anaya - Immortal

Claudio Casanueva - Into the Past

Diane Arkenstone and David Arkenstone - Snows of Avalon

Karen Biehl - Song of the Beloved

Keith Richie - Epica

Priscilla Hernandez  - The Heart of the Forest

Scivias - Spiritus Sanctus

Scott Reich & Gangaji - This Space of Stillness

Seay - Dream

Zen Music Planet - Dreamscape


Best Rock Single

Band of Rain - The Sun King

Dangerous Times For The Dead - Father Time

Dream Aria - The Professor

Fiction Syxx - Whispers in the Dark

Joe Matera - Take a Look ft Janne Schaffer

Lucid Fog  - Bask in the Void

Ma9Na - Down for the count

Nathan Ames - This Road

Shawn Michael Perry - All stand together

Steve Bello - Never Be The Sane


Best Vocal Single

Andrew Stables & Nick Magnus - Only A Song ft Sian Stables

Asha McCarthy - Drift

Ban Brothers - Dream High

Harmonic Sky & Piyali Ganguly - Hope

Leila Kaiyr & Devan Ekambaram - No Plastic Swear Now

Minna Ora - Fire

Ram Dass & Aware - The Water Poem

Rhonda Head - 500 Years

SyCoz - Forevermore

Vox Deluxe - Love Song

Best Ambient Single

Brannan Lane - Ambient Sleep Pod

Carl Borden  - Good Morning Light

Chrys Bocast - Aphelion

Jeff De Bruz - SavaSana

Lawrence Libert - Sanctuary

RAF21 - Joshua

Retland - Voyager

Rooydad - Floating in Space

Stephen Weber - Mindwalking

Steve Sheppard - Riccos Beach 2021


Best Contemporary Instrumental Single

Adam & Adam - Winds of Perception

Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Amethyst ft Hans Christian

Cu Sithe - Beneath the Autumn Sky

Devan Ekambaram - A Walk Through Brindavan

Eric Chapelle - Transition

Fransoafran - Waiting For You

James Asher - Letting Go

Joseph L Young - Secrets of Stone

Kluane Takhini - To Catch Lightning In A Bottle

Mythos - Legacy


Best Flute Single

Chrissie Sheppard - A Moment of Zen

Diane Wheeler Dunn - Mystery in the Mist

Joe Yeatman - Astral Myst

Ken Talaga - A Song of Peace [single]

Liesbet Leroy - Dance of the Dragonflies

Navota Krull - Himalaya Wind Chant

Paul Harvey - Concrete Peace

Silvia Blaser - Inner Path

Steven Newton - Two Worlds

Vicki Logan - The Eighth Fire


Best Neo Classical Single

Adrian Zaharia - Dragons Fly

Diane Arkenstone & David Arkenstone - She Reigns Through Tears

Dulce Joya - Winter Tale

Francisco Jose Villaescusa - Anthem of Atlantis

Julia Thomsen - Winter Love

Kerani - The Crystal Dancer

Phantasia Music - Edge of Infinty

Ronald Van Deurzen & Prapad Kwanpradub - Song of the Violin

Santiago Trigueros - Winterland

Sylvain Millipied - Towards Together


Best Piano with Instrumentation Single

Andrea Sertori - Evening Sun

Andrei Poliakov - Mirages in the Sunshine

Bernward Koch - An Old Fairy Tale

Cathy Oakes - When I'm Afraid

Eric Heitmann - Requiem

Gary Schmidt - Inside This River

Lisa Swerdlow - All Is Not Lost

Lise Jonsson - Hope

Samer Fanek - Endlessly Lost

Sharon Chen - Spring's Hope


Best Solo Piano Single

Brian Kelly - Wings Over Water

CrusaderBeach - River Drift

Fiona Joy Hawkins - Somewhere (solo)

Julie Hanney - Blue

Kerry Barnes - Longing

Kiki Cubb - Pendulum

Melany Thompson - A Different Place

Simon Lowy - Celestial

Tim Neumark - The Ghost

Vicente Avella - Ultraviolet


Best World Single

Batila - What About Me

Esbe - My Love Knows No Bounds

Ghosts of Rangoon - Les Feuilles Mortes

Graeme Drum - Heartbeat of Dubai

Muva - Yeetel U Pixaan Masada

Opium Moon - Feast of Sevens

Pontun - Atlantean

Rao Kyao - Vaishnav Jan To Tene Kahiye je

Seckou Keita & Baaba Maal - Homeland

Tri Nguyen - Trong Com