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OWMR Album, Single, EP and Lifetime Achievement Awards

Welcome to the 2022 One World Music Radio album awards, our 10th annual awards.


The results are shown below

Enjoy the Awards Show!

Results for Best Acoustic Album

1st Russ Hewitt - Chasing Horizons

2nd David Franklin - Passings

3rd Vin Downes - Three Evenings

Results for Best Acoustic Single

1st Ian Cameron Smith - Light of Hope

2nd Joseph Sullinger - Chi Mai

3rd Carbe And Durand - Arlington Square ft Leah Finkelstein

Results for Best Ambient Album

1st Kevin Kendle - Aurora

2nd Jeff Greinke - Noctilucent

3rd David De Michele - Discovery V

Results for Best Ambient Single

1st Have A Cigar - Those Winter Sundays

2nd David De Michele - Sunrise

3rd Carl Borden - Dreamscapes

Results for Best Chill Out Single

1st Cadence Spalding - So Tired

2nd Kike de Santo & Patreezia - A Life's Journey

3rd DM Ascension - Affinity

Results for Best Classical Album

1st Christopher Tin - The Lost Birds

2nd Heidi Breyer - Amor Aeternus: A Requiem for the Common Man

3rd Bruce Wolosoff - Paradise Found


Results for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

1st Vassilis Philippou - Colourful Emptiness

2nd Darlene Koldenhoven - Traveling the Blissful Highway

3rd Joe Weineck - Orient to Occident

Results for Best Contemporary Instrumental Single

1st 2002 - City Blue

2nd Santiago Trigueros - Daydreamer


3rd Elements 119 - Another Road

Results for Best Electronic Album

1st Carl Lord - Dream Zone

2nd Desensitized - Chaos in Premonition

3rd Anantakara - There Is Something

Results for Best Electronic Single

1st Glenn Main - Lost in Spain

2nd Anna B May - Essence

3rd Steve Sheppard - St Georges Island ( Birth Place of Apollo)


Results for Best EP

​​1st Anouâr G. - In Light of Recent Events EP

​​2nd Adolfo Viguera - Life Time EP

3rd Alan Hanslik - Courage To Sail

Results for Best Flute Album

1st Windtalker - Wind, Water and Stone

2nd Diane Wheeler Dunn - Peace In Our Hearts

3rd Timothy J.P. Gomez - Embers of Freedom

Results for Best Flute Single

1st Liesbet Leroy - White Raven

2nd Sandi Horton - Mordovian Moods

3rd George Pendred - Forest Spirits

Results for Best Heavy Metal Album

1st New Horizon - Gate Of The Gods

2nd Scream Maker - Bloodking

3rd Rising Steel - Beyond The Gates Of Hell

Results for Best Jazz Album

1st Jacob Chung - Epistle 

2nd Christophe Goze - Soul to Soul

3rd Way North - New Dreams, Old Stories

Results for Best Jazz Single

1st Christophe Goze - Far Away 

2nd Dave Mohan - Shadows in the Fire

3rd Russel Blake - Morning Sunrise

Results for Best Neo Classical Album

1st David Lanz & Kristin Amarie - Lettere d'Amore (Letters of Love) 

2nd Kerani - The Water of Life

3rd Sharon Fendrich - Sapphire Oak

Results for Best Neo Classical Single

1st Michael Hoppé - Love Remains

2nd Benjamin Cook - Lunar

3rd Daniel Núñez Martín - Feats Of Our Ancestors

Results for Best New Age Album

1st Sonic Yogi - Breath Into Being

2nd Meg Bowles - Voices from the Ethereal Forest

3rd David Arkenstone - Music Inspired by Middle Earth Volume II

Results for Best New Age Single

1st Chakuna Machi Asa - Sacred Land

2nd Zen Music Planet - Magic Oceans

3rd Seeking The Sublime & Shere Fraser - Essence

Results for Best Piano w Instrumentation Album

1st Samer Fanek - Call of the Desert

2nd Wayne Bethanis - Listen

3rd Bernward Koch - Tree Tales

Results for Best Piano w Instrumentation Single

1st Vincent Boot & Shere Fraser - Es Vedra (Flute Version)

2nd Lisa Cullum - I Loved You

3rd Lorna James - Afterthought

Results for Best Progressive Rock Album

1st Ali Ferguson - The Contemplative Power of Water

2nd Electro Compulsive Therapy - Electro Compulsive Therapy

3rd Hats Off Gentlemen Its Adequate - The Confidence Trick

Results for Best Rock Album

1st Ronnie Romero - Raised on Radio

2nd Riot Act - Closer To The Flame

3rd Perfect Plan - Brace for Impact

Results for Best Rock Single

1st The Dead Daisies - Hypnotize YourSelf

2nd Ten Ton Mojo - Badlove

3rd Renaissance Rock Orchestra - A Song of Hope

Results for Best Solo Piano Album

1st Alan Matthews - All That I Can See

2nd Michael Gettel - The View From Here

3rd Stephen Wallack - Wondering

Results for Best Solo Piano Single

1st Adrian Zaharia - The Wind

2nd Andrea Sertori - Your Path

3rd Richard Goldsworthy - In the Gentle Arms of Love

Results for Best Vocal Album

1st Sukha - Fire

2nd Aakasha - Aakasha

3rd Esbe - I Might Be Dreaming

Results for Best Vocal Single

1st Priscilla Hernandez - Om Vrish Elle (One with Everything)

2nd Sarves Thiru - Harmony: Lokah Samastah

3rd Lissa-Käthe - Koala

Results for Best World Music Album

1st Agent Starling - Clandestine

2nd Amalgama Folk - Circumterra

3rd Heart of the Dragon Ensemble - The Art of the Chinese Xiao & Hulusi 

Results for Best World Single

1st Sarves Thiru - Guru's Greatness: Guru Brahma

2nd Ban Brothers - Phire Elaam

2nd Sereetsi & The Natives - Petere

3rd Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orkestar - Niska Banja

The Peoples Choice Award  ...

1st Tom Moore & Tim Sadow

2nd Peter Phippen

3rd Joe Yeatman

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award.jpg

One World Music Radio would like to present to you the One World Music Radio Lifetime Achievement Award, this permanent roll call of honour will stay on our site, to recognise the work, effort and time that the winner has put into our industry.

Below is the list of nominees for 2023 - The Winner will be announced May 27th!

You can hear the announcement in the awards show on the 2022 Awards Page here

Roll of Honour

Here are the nominees for 2023

Andy Pickford

Annie Locke

David Arkenstone


Diane Arkenstone

Jonn Serrie

Nigel Shaw

Phil Thornton

Stuart Jones

Will Ackerman

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