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OWMR Album & EP Awards

Welcome to the 2022 One World Music Radio album awards, our 10th annual awards.


All categories are voted on by a secret panel of judges.


Below you will find the complete list of categories and nominees - winners will be announced May 27th!

Please note - the nomination certificates were sent out shwoing the wrong date for when the winners will be announced, if you got a wrong certifcate, please email us for a corrected version!

Nominations for Best Acoustic Album

David Cullen - Revival

David Franklin - Passings

David W. Donner - Timeless

Mark Leggett - Guitars and Blackbirds

Randal L Meek - Longings

Russ Hewitt - Chasing Horizons

Shambhu - Life Passage: Soothing Guitar for a Peaceful World

Victor Towle - The Space In Between

Vin Downes - Three Evenings

Will Ackerman - Positano Songs

Nominations for Best Acoustic Single

Absence of Field - Bro Science

Carbe And Durand - Arlington Square ft Leah Finkelstein

Ian Cameron Smith - Light of Hope

James Filkins - Hallway Whispers (Aternative Mix)

Joseph Sullinger - Chi Mai

Lawson Rollins - The Calling

Mark Battenburg - Enchanted

Mike Howe - October

Ryan Judd - Blue Sky Within

Shambhu - Mars Dawn

Nominations for Best Ambient Album

Al Gromer Khan - Ambient Religion 

Altus - Hidden Realms and Vacant Spaces

Ambiente Solstice - Comets Dust 

David De Michele - Discovery V

David Pedrick - Aurora 

Eleon - Epoch

Frank Pels - Infinite Seconds

Jeff Greinke - Noctilucent

Kevin Kendle - Aurora

Paul Headon - Beyond the Known 

Nominations for Best Ambient Single

2002 - Clouds Below

Carl Borden - Dreamscapes

David De Michele - Sunrise

Ethereal Silence - Sleeping Giants

Have A Cigar - Those Winter Sundays

Howard Givens & Madhavi Devi - The Celestial Expanse

Michelle Qureshi - Tomorrow By Another Name

RAF21 - Self Empathy 

Retland - Pluvia

Tsode - Evangelos

Nominations for Best Chill Out Single

Alexander Obukhov - CoffeeWaves

Aware - La Torre

Cadence Spalding - So Tired

Christophe Goze - Coeur Grenadine

Craigology - The Outfit

Curtis Macdonald - Hold onto Hope

DM Ascension - Affinity

Kike de Santo & Patreezia - A Life's Journey

Leon - Aphrodite 

Richard Zelada - Thank You Father

Nominations for Best Classical Album

An Vedi - ConTempoRary Violin

Bruce Wolosoff - Paradise Found

Christopher Jessup - Christopher Jessup EP 

Christopher Tin - The Lost Birds

Duo Diversitas - Ex aequo

Elisabet Franch - Franch play Franck

Heidi Breyer - Amor Aeternus: A Requiem for the Common Man

Irina Moreland - Debussy Préludes, Book 2

Isobel Waller-Bridge - VII EP

Sophia Agranovich - Franz Liszt Rhapsodies, Etudes and Transcriptions

Nominations for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

Brooks & Day - Awakening

Darlene Koldenhoven - Traveling the Blissful Highway

Doug Woods and Colin Powell - Levitation

Holland Phillips - Standing In Motion 

Joe Weineck - Orient to Occident

Mark Barnes - Luminescence

Oz Nelson - Darkness and Light

Patrick Kelly - Above the Clouds

Tom Moore & Tim Sadow - Going Home

Vassilis Philippou - Colourful Emptiness

Nominations for Best Contemporary Instrumental Single

2002 - City Blue

Arrizza - Into the Ether

Ask Askr - Kindling Flame

Elements 119 - Another Road

Glass Heart String Choir - Wounds (Falling Stars Mix) 

Kluane Takhini - Peace Begins With a Smile ft James Hill

Marlene Moore - Fiesta

NuvolutioN - Close Away

P.Wasy & Marako Marcus - Midnight Blue

Santiago Trigueros - Daydreamer

Nominations for Best Electronic Album

Anantakara - There Is Something

Carl Lord - Dream Zone

Desensitized - Chaos in Premonition

DreamerProject - Fading Light

Erik Wøllo - Sojourns

Hanslik & Moniz Experiment - Evolution

Jim Ottaway - Somewhere In-Between

Michael Whalen - Imaginary Trains

Steve Sheppard - Sanctuaries of the Mind

Romerium & Thaneco - Dark Force

Nominations for Best Electronic Single

AeTopus - Raatuq

Anna B May - Essence

Claudio Casanueva - Into the Light

Delay Tactics - Viola's Ascent

Glenn Main - Lost in Spain

Lights A.M. - Another Life

Nicholas Gunn - Into the Bliss

Steve Sheppard - St Georges Island ( Birth Place of Apollo)

Nominations for Best EP

Adolfo Viguera - Life Time EP

Alan Hanslik - Courage To Sail

Anouâr G. - In Light of Recent Events EP

Cass Anawaty & Brian Fechino - Let Go EP

Evenfall - Ubiquity EP ft Will Clipman

Gregory John Madge - 4 Dances  EP 

Julie Hanney - Taking Flight EP

Pangaea Projekt - Winter Vol VIII EP

Sherry Finzer & Karasvana - Centered EP 

Sikha Pros - Walk-Ins EP

Nominations for Best Flute Album

Chrissie Sheppard - Memories Through Birds

Diane Wheeler Dunn - Peace In Our Hearts

Joe Yeatman - Wolf Moon 

Peter Phippen - Into the Ancient

Raphael Groten - Great Blue

Sherry Finzer - Connections

Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy - Shimmer

Timothy J.P. Gomez - Embers of Freedom

Windtalker - Wind, Water and Stone

Wolfsheart - Flute Meditation

Nominations for Best Flute Single

Crystal Ramirez - Returning Home

George Pendred - Forest Spirits

Helen's Willow Wind * A Call to the Divine

Keith Stolle - Hearts Embrace

Larry Gindhart Music - Winter: Sunday Morning

Liesbet Leroy - White Raven

Paul Harvey - Soul Soother

Rodrigo Rodriguez - The Shakuhachi

Sandi Horton - Mordovian Moods

Silvia Blaser - Inner Voice

Nominations for Best Heavy Metal Album

Enemy Eyes - History's Hand

Lunarian - Burn The Beauty 

Mentalist - Empires Falling

New Horizon - Gate Of The Gods

Rising Steel - Beyond The Gates Of Hell

Scream Maker - Bloodking

SheWolf - Shewolf

Sick n' Beautiful - Starstruck 

Terra Atlantica - Beyond The Borders

Voodoma - Hellbound

Nominations for Best Jazz Album

Adema Manoukas Octet - New Roots

Christophe Goze - Soul to Soul

Deanne Matley - The Alberta Lounge 

Ernesto Cervini - Joy

Jacob Chung - Epistle 

Jocelyn Gould - Golden Hour

Noam Lemish - Twelve

Ron Ledoux Quartet - A Stone's Throw Away

The Joe Bowden Project - Black to the Roots

Way North - New Dreams, Old Stories

Nominations for Best Jazz Single

Carlos Camilo - On My Way ft David Margam

Christophe Goze - Far Away 

Dave Mohan - Shadows in the Fire

Evan Carydakis - Movin On

Funkdacion - Dreamcatcher

MARHID - Hunch

The 420 Café - Captain of Her Heart

J. Michaels - I'll Treat You Right ft David Margam

Pete Calandra and Straight Up - Neptune Beach

Russel Blake - Morning Sunrise

Nominations for Best Neo Classical Album

Anaya Music - Ascension

David Lanz & Kristin Amarie - Lettere d'Amore (Letters of Love) 

Dream Cloud Orchestra - Nocturnes

Elderane - Suenos y Leyendas

Genevieve Walker - Home Songs

Gleisberg - To Meet Esther (soundtrack)

Kerani - The Water of Life

Louis Anthony deLise - To Dance With You

Rick Sparks - Speak Peace

Sharon Fendrich - Sapphire Oak

Nominations for Best Neo Classical Single

Benjamin Cook - Lunar

Daniel Núñez Martín - Feats Of Our Ancestors

Eldar Ibrahimovic - Closer

Jacquelyn G. Kleine - Sunflower

Luis Alberto Naranjo - Alzando el Vuelo

Mario Pettenati - Book of Memories

Michael Hoppé - Love Remains

Peter Calandra - Caritas

Shoshana Michel & Roxane Genot - Elegy (Piano & Cello) [single]

Sophia Agranovich & Rupam Sarmah - Peace and Joy feat. Tamra Garrett

Nominations for Best New Age Album

Andy Rogers - Finding Calm

Aureliaslight - A Mystic's Autumn

Charleene Closshey - ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower

Christopher Caouette - Tale of the Oakenwish

David Arkenstone - Music Inspired by Middle Earth Volume II

David Wahler - Collection

Diane Arkenstone - Light Of Varying Energies (L.O.V.E.)

Lawrence Libert - Earth Prayer

Meg Bowles - Voices from the Ethereal Forest

Sonic Yogi - Breath Into Being

Nominations for Best New Age Single

Al Jewer & Andy Mitran - Moonstone ft Hans Christian

Alexander Obukhov - Fleur Nocturne

Andy Salvanos and Jürg Kindle - The Return of Starchild

Chakuna Machi Asa - Sacred Land

Diane Arkenstone and David Arkenstone - The Crystal Shores

RadianceMatrix & James Marienthal - Dance of the Ancients

Seeking The Sublime & Shere Fraser - Essence

Scott Reich - A Lighter Being

Steve & Chrissie Sheppard - Zeus's Last Call

Zen Music Planet - Magic Oceans

Nominations for Best Piano w Instrumentation Album

Bernward Koch - Tree Tales

Ed Bazel - The London Sessions: Reflections from Studio 2

Kurt Reiman - A Glimpse of Grace

Louis Colaiannia - Mysteria

Oliver Papke and Colin Powell - Inspirations and Revelations

Peter Kater - Native America

Ross Mitchell - Raindrops   

Samer Fanek - Call of the Desert

Stephen Rhodes - A Place Beyond Forever

Wayne Bethanis - Listen

Nominations for Best Piano w Instrumentation Single

Joe Kenney & Hope Linton - Prevailing

Lisa Cullum - I Loved You

Lorna James - Afterthought

Mark Barnes - Winter Sky

Melany Thompson - All For You 

Rosi Boti - Grateful Silence 

Serole - Dancing Under the Moonight

Sharon Chen Music - Cinema Paradiso

Vincent Boot & Shere Fraser - Es Vedra (Flute Version)

William Walker - Resting Place

Nominations for Best Progressive Rock Album

A Multitude of ONE - Myth and Magick (2022 Remaster)

Ali Ferguson - The Contemplative Power of Water

Alms - The Trial

Electro Compulsive Therapy - Electro Compulsive Therapy

Hats Off Gentlemen Its Adequate - The Confidence Trick

Mike Ian - The Learning Tree

Mike Murray - Horizon

Ph2 - Season 5 (Remastered)

Sunrise Auranaut - Sacred Mission

Nominations for Best Rock Album

Blackfox - Embers

Crossing Rubicon - Perfect Storm 

Days of Wine - Days of Wine

Edge Of Forever - Seminole

Perfect Plan - Brace for Impact

Praying Mantis - Katharsis

Riot Act - Closer To The Flame

Ronnie Romero - Raised on Radio

The Big Deal - First Bite

The Ferrymen - One More River To Cross

Nominations for Best Rock Single

Anything But Human - Tonight

Black Whiskey - Down (Devils Highway)

Defiant - Viva la Revolution 

Force it - A Night in the Cold

Lasting Effect - On Our Own

Late Night Trouble - Backlash

Makes My Blood Dance - Power of the Lightside

Renaissance Rock Orchestra - A Song of Hope

Ten Ton Mojo - Badlove

The Dead Daisies - Hypnotize YourSelf

Nominations for Best Solo Piano Album

Alan Matthews - All That I Can See

Bob Yonker - Dream

CrusaderBeach - Piano Perspectives

Dan Chadburn - Always

Louis Anthony deLise - Close Enough To Perfect

Michael Gettel - The View From Here

Michele McLaughlin - Luminous

Pam Asberry - Unravelling

Santiago Delacruz - Lost in Longing

Stephen Wallack - Wondering

Nominations for Best Solo Piano Single

Adrian Zaharia - The Wind

Andrea Sertori - Your Path

Antonija Pacek - Fall Train

Claude Caron - Glory Nostalgia

EUL - Windflower Dance

Melinda Sütő - Speechless Times

Rada Neal - Beautiful Old Rhyme

Richard Goldsworthy - In the Gentle Arms of Love

Suzanne Herman - Path of the Sandpiper

Victor Birkan - Between Night and Day 

Nominations for Best Vocal Album

Aakasha - Aakasha

Alex Bird & Ewen Farncombe - Songwriter

Esbe - I Might Be Dreaming

Heather Ferguson - Lush Life

Kamini Natarajan - Shiva Mantras

Lis Addison - Elements

Remy De Laroque - Star Code

Sukha - Fire

Nominations for Best Vocal Single

Jaime Black - As The Wind Blows

Lissa-Käthe - Koala

Minna Ora - Wind

Natasha Hardy - Into The West

Priscilla Hernandez - Om Vrish Elle (One with Everything)

Rachel M - The Morning Star

Rhonda Head - Rain Dance

Sarves Thiru - Harmony: Lokah Samastah

Scott & Maria - Ancestors

The Song Gardeners - Present

Nominations for Best World Music Album

Adedeji - Yoruba Odyssey

Agent Starling - Clandestine

Amalgama Folk - Circumterra

Aulaga Folk - El Rodar Del Bolindre

Devan Ekambaram - Brindavan

Heart of the Dragon Ensemble - The Art of the Chinese Xiao & Hulusi 

Ignacio Lusardi Monteverde - Flamenco - Pasado y Presente

Mirla Riomar - Afrobrasileira

Okaidja Afroso - Jaku Mumor

Shafqat Amanat Ali - Tribute to Legends Ghulam Ali 

Nominations for Best World Single

Ban Brothers - Phire Elaam

Bilja Krstic & Bistrik Orkestar - Niska Banja

East Collectors by Jimmy Østbygaard - Eras Para Mi  ft. Serena [single]

Germa Adan - Souvni

La Falfula Groove - Weil Galbi 

LennyTunes & Shalom - MorGandagana

Makhlout - Rapadooni

Sarves Thiru - Guru's Greatness: Guru Brahma

Sereetsi & The Natives - Petere

Yerba Colorá - Try As You Might

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