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OWMR Awards - 2024

Welcome to the 2024 One World Music Radio awards, we will bring you our montly nominees and results here as we go through the year, and each January, we will bring you the final results for the year!

The results for the January album and singles awards have been announced, listen to the announcements in the show below, the results will be published here on Monday, when the certificates are sent out.

Monthly Awards:

Best Album for January 2024

Altus  Solastalgia 1st 

Fred Grenot  Respite: Music for Healing 2nd

MyklH  Seasons & Elements 3rd

Michelle Qureshi — A Day On Venus - Wild Card

Steve Sheppard Award for Best Album  January 2024   Dino Pacifici — A Boat Without Oars

Chrissie Sheppard Award for Best Album  January 2024  Orchestra Indigo The Small Hours


Best Single for January 2024

Adelynn Shan Lee — A Warrior's Love 1st

Cynthia Lim 林意 & Take  Starlight in Your Mind: Think and Create  2nd

Jacquelyn G. Kleine  Snowfall 3rd

The Song Gardeners - Talking to Trees - Wild Card

Steve Sheppard Award for Best Single for January 2024  Kerry Barnes — Misty

Chrissie Sheppard Award for Best Single for January 2024  Antonija Pacek  Reminiscent

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