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& Steve Sheppard

Here you will find all of the shows that Chrissie & Steve create together, so lots to chose from here!

All of our shows are listed in alphabetical order.

Congratulations Chrissie & Steve, their New Age Radio Show #14 has reached #3 in the global New Age charts!

Atmospheric Moods

Join Chrissie & Steve for 2 hours of atmospheric music from the Electronic, Ambient, Space and New Age genres ...

Keys of Light

Chrissie & Steve bring you a selection of new and old piano based music each month.

Lazy Cup of Coffee

Chrissie & Steve bring you 2 hours of music and chat, bringing you music covering the acoustic, contemporary instrumental, Celtic, new age and vocal genres.

New Age Radio Show

Chrissie & Steve bring you 2 hours of new age music from the 1970's to the present day along with some chat and even a meditation and healing session!

Rock of Ages

Chrissie & Steve bring you a 2 hour show packed with music, news and views from the rock industry, featuring a selection of new music with a sprinkling of classics for you to enjoy too!

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