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Submit Your Music

Would you like to hear your music on One World Music Radio?

Getting your music played on our OWMR Playlists and shows is and always will be free!


Important - we will need to know the release date of the album or single you are submitting.

Please note we ONLY accept complete albums or singles, NO part albums ... Singles MUST be a minimum of 2 minutes in duration, preferably longer.

We also do NOT accept music via social media!

Music more than 6 months old will not be included in new playlists or charts!

  • All digital downloads must be in mp3 format only.

  • All music must have the artwork and liner notes sent in with the download.

  • Ensure all metadata for the music is completed and correct (track title, track number, artist details, album title, year released)

  • We will also need to know the release date of the music.

  • Send your music and all related items to:


Important - we will need to know the release date of the music you are submitting.


You can send using Dropbox, WeTransfer, Send Big Files, etc.


Please note, if the above 5 steps have not been completed, we will return the music to you for you to complete these stages.


If you would like to send a physical CD, please just email us for the address.


Once we have your music

We will listen to it and assess its suitability and quality for use in our shows and playlists.

If successful, we will then contact you and let you know your music has been added to our database for airplay.


Albums from the current year will be eligible for chart placing in the OWMR Top 100, and singles from the current year will be eligible for the Top 100 singles chart.


Hi folks, just to say your award has been really good for us. A good independent news website picked it up and we have gained a few extra followers, some more radio play and sold a few more CDs. Thanks again - Agent Starling

I have to say that looking at other reviews you have done for other pieces of music as well, you always manage to bring out the appropriate positive elements, different from one piece to another. Your ability to analyze is remarkable, and I just wanted to point that out - Claude Caron


Thanks so much for being such an asset to my career - Darlene Koldenhoven


Thanks so much, Chrissie & Steve! Your promotion packages have been great to help the big push! - Bill Freas


OWMR has been such a great platform that has allowed my music to get introduced to a new audience as I break into the New Age Genre scene - David J. Peña


I am literally brought to tears with your review. Thank you so much - Matthew Mayer


One World Music Radio has really been effective for me, and I want to thank you for all you do - Dan Palladino


You always do great reviews as you always are "spot on" with hearing the music's intent, and how it is expressed. - Tom Moore

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